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Victoria Road Primary School

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School Uniform

School Uniform

We believe that a school uniform gives children a feeling of belonging, encouraging co-operation, common goals and team spirit. Most items are available from any local department store. However, the sweatshirts and T-shirts which have the school logo are available from our on-line supplier at Kent School Uniform. We are well aware of the cost of clothing and urge you to clearly label every item of your child’s clothing to avoid loss, confusion and time wastage. The uniform is as follows:



The main uniform consists of:


Grey or Black trousers

Grey or Black shorts for the summer

Navy Pinafore dress/skirt

Blue/white Gingham dress for the summer

White shirt/white blouse/white polo shirt

Navy pullover/Navy cardigan/School sweatshirt*


Boys and Girls should wear sensible school shoes

(completely black trainers are permitted with no coloured stitching, logos or additions)

Also available from the school website are:


Caps* PE Kit bag* Fleece-lined Waterproof Coat*

PE T-shirt* Book Bag*

Red PE Shorts Navy Zipped Fleece*


All items marked* have the school logo either embroidered or screen printed.



We recommend children bring a water bottle to school (Years 1-6) and, in hot weather, do advise that children wear sun-hats.


Due to the nature of the activities undertaken in PE, and to encourage health and hygiene, children need to be clothed appropriately. We suggest the following:

  • White T-shirt
  • plain shorts
  • training shoes
  • spare socks
  • Spare hair bands for children with long hair, who should ensure it is tied back.
  • In colder weather for outdoor PE, a tracksuit or sweat shirt and joggers may be worn.


Please note that for most indoor PE activities (gymnastics and dance) the children will be expected to work in bare feet. If a medical condition makes this impossible, please inform your child’s teacher in writing.





Please discourage your child from wearing jewellery to school!

Jewellery is easily lost or damaged and more importantly, can cause unpleasant injuries. If your child’s ears are pierced, please see that they wear only studs which cannot be caught in clothing, causing torn earlobes. Children will need to remove all jewellery for PE lessons, please ensure your child can remove their own earrings themselves or that they do not wear them to school on PE days. We cannot accept responsibility for jewellery worn to school. 


Make up is also not appropriate for pupils to wear in school which includes no eye make up (lashes, mascara or eye shadow), lipstick, blusher or nail varnish.