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Victoria Road Primary School

Inspiring a Love of Learning


Welcome from the Chair of Governors


On behalf of all Governors, welcome to Victoria Road Primary School. As Governors, we have an important role in monitoring the safety, welfare and education of all our children. To do this we work as a team with the Headteacher, children, staff and families in an open and caring atmosphere where everyone feels valued.


Governors have responsibility in ensuring that school planning is ambitious yet realistic and that the school operates in an environment conducive to learning. It is our role to support and encourage the Headteacher and all staff to ensure each pupil has opportunity to progress. We are also involved in various aspects of school operation including:-Staff Appointments, Finance, Pupil Welfare Buildings & Maintenance and Public Relations.


Please take the time to browse our school website, where you will find more information about Victoria Road Primary School.


I would like to thank all families and staff for the support and encouragement they give Victoria Road children and the school. For children, this support nurtures key social and creative skills especially in these early years and helps build confidence and self-esteem. Family interest and support in promoting the school is invaluable and ensures Victoria Road Primary School has a strong partnership with the local community.


We are always interested to hear from potential governors.  Should you have an interest in becoming a school governor at Victoria Road Primary School , then please contact Mrs Sue Alcock, School Business Manager, and she will put you in touch with the right people at the right time for a completely non-committal chat.


I am available to discuss any matter relating to the school and I am always pleased to receive positive feedback. You can reach me via the school email .Together we can help Victoria Road Primary School maintain high standards and prosper for current children and future generations.


Gail Spragg

Chair of Governors



Governing Board Constitution and Responsibilities

The Governing Board of Victoria Road Community Primary School reconstituted on 24 March 2020 in line with the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012. Ten governors are appointed to sit on the school’s Board.   They are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school, ensuring financial health, probity and value for money, and holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school. The Board review their structure, terms of reference and standing orders on an annual basis, and have adopted the ‘circle’ model of governance.  This requires the Board to hold termly meetings, and for Governors to carry out regular monitoring and report back to the  Board.



Governor Appointments and Business Interests - Academic Year 2021-22




4 Year Term of Office


Start      -      End

Business/Pecuniary Interests of Governor and/or Partner/Spouse (Date of Declaration)


     PARENT GOVERNORS x 2 –  Elected by Parents or Appointed by Board



Miss Rachel Tomsett


24.03.20 – 23.03.24

None declared (18.11.20)

Under Review



Ms Lauren Denise Jordan


06.07.21 - 05.07.25

None declared (31.08.21)


    LOCAL AUTHORITY (LA) GOVERNOR – Nominated by the LA and appointed by the Board



Mrs Barbara Saltmarsh


09.05.20 – 08.05.24

None declared (22.09.21)


    HEADTEACHER (ex officio appointment)



Mrs Lisa Davis

Mrs Kelly Collens



None declared (20.01.22)

None declared (01.01.22)


    STAFF GOVERNOR – Nominated/Elected by Staff



Mrs Jill Evans

01.07.19 – 30.06.23

None declared (21.09.21)


    CO-OPTED GOVERNORS X 5 -  Appointed by the Board



Mr Samuel Taylor


15.03.22 - 14.03.26

European Metal Recycling (20.04.22)



Mrs Gail Spragg

Chair of Governors

16.01.22 – 15.01.26

Trustee Member of Hamstreet & Furley Park Academies. Chair of Little Ark Pre-School.  Member of SACRE.  (Declared 11.01.22)



Mrs  Elizabeth Windon

Vice Chair of Governors

25.06.18 – 24.06.22

School Data Consultant commissioned to analyse pupil performance data.  Governor at Mereworth Community Primary School.   (Declared 21.09.21)



Mrs Maureen Chiana


03.06.20 – 02.06.24

None declared (14.01.22)



Mr Julian Laurence Joseph Hawksley


13.10.20 - 12.20.24

Daughter is teacher/inclusion manager at Victoria Road (declared 29.11.21)


    FORMER  GOVERNORS – Over the last 12 months


Mrs Lesley Charnley 

former co-opted governor

stepped down April 22      None declared (01.12.20)