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Google classroom help

All children have been set up with a google classroom account to access on teacher provided work and links.

Below is a link to help on logging in to your childs account 

If you are needing help with google log ins 

Basically it is the intake year number eg

class R child would intake year 19.

class 1 child would intake year 18

class 2 child would intake year 17

class 3 child would intake year 16

class 4 child would intake year 15

class 5 child would intake year 14

class 6 child would intake year 13

Then it is your child’s first name then surname followed by

For example if I were a child in class 4 my log in would be 

Looking through the children’s log ins there are some complicated names so I am more than happy if you email me your child’s name and class to send your your exact log in name


If you do not have the letter showing you the password just email me. 

I have added a link to helpful slides that I found showing you more about google classroom.

Please have patience with the staff this is the first week using google classrooms as well.



Amazing home learning packs from the tts group over a hundred pages in each pack.

If you don't want to print the whole thing then just chose the page range you want to print or copy the ideas like the diary or reading record onto a piece of paper that your child could decorate.



Don't forget that children have access to TT Rock Stars and now the app creators are giving us access to Numbots free during work from home.

Log in using the school name or postcode               

Then the user name is the same one the children use for TT Rockstars

the first 3 letters of their christian name followed by the first 3 letters of their surname and the password is     maths