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  • Victoria Road Primary School, Victoria Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 7HQ
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Victoria Road Primary School

Inspiring a Love of Learning

Who's Who - Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!
      Mrs L Davis  Headteacher

      Mrs D Hickman

 Deputy Headteacher / Class teacher year 3

      Mrs J Evans             

 Class teacher Year R (EYFS/ KS1 Lead)

      Mrs E Galloway

 Class teacher Year 2

      Miss A Hawksley

 Class teacher Year 1 (SENCo)

      Mrs R Ruffle

 Class teacher Year 5 (2 days)

      Mrs M Heritage

 Class teacher Year 4

      Mrs P Hann

 Class teacher Year 5 (3 days)

      Mrs L Simmons

 Class teacher Year 6 /KS2 Lead 

      Mrs J Samson

 Class teacher Year 1/ Reading recovery


      Mrs S Avery 

 ICT Support



     Mrs B Boston

 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

     Mrs J Lee


     Mrs G Mayo


     Mrs S Revell  TA (Cover Supervisor)

     Mrs E Sorrell

 Teaching Assistant (TA)

     Miss M Packman


     Mrs L Marston


     Mrs R Pariyar


     Mrs C Stanley


     Miss G Gower


     Mrs Sheila Sheridan-Pilcher




      Mrs Sharron Wildman

 Family Liaison Officer



      Mrs E Steele

 PA to Headteacher

      Mrs S Alcock



      Miss L Sprawling

 Midday Supervisor

      Miss Woodward

 Midday Supervisor

      Mrs S Woodward

 Midday Supervisor

      Mrs R Pariyar

 Midday Supervisor

      Mrs E Sorrell

 Midday Supervisor
      Mrs S Revell  Cleaner
      Mrs Rai  Cleaner
      Mr J Revell  Cleaner
      Mr M Alcock  P/T caretaker